Love and Pride


Love and Pride


Love and Pride is a collaboration between Through These Doors, EqualityMaine, and the Portland Public Library that explores how our relationships with others have changed during this period of isolation and social distancing. Submissions of original artistic work answer the question, “How do you show and receive love, affection, and intimacy right now?”

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Intimacy via Technology
As someone who tends to be skeptical of technology (I resisted owning a smart phone for many years), I am interested in tracking how technology influences our sense of ourselves and the world. As an educator with the Young Adult Abuse Prevention…

i'm in love with a man
This is a poem I wrote to describe how I currently feel about my relationship. Lately I have been struggling with what love is and if I have ever actually experienced it. I know that I am worthy of love, and other people's choices don't reflect who…
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