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Attached you'll find two photo images I took:  an item purchased during COVID-19.....  sporks!  and what was eaten with them:  pho.....  I make different ones all winter.  Yum......  or at least my friends tell me so.

My friend Joe and I returned from a day of hiking on Cliff Island. This disassembled mannequin was staged at Casco Bay Lines when we got off the ferry. I HAD to have a photo of it.

Early in the pandemic, staying home nearly 24/7, I started taking pictures of shadows on the wall (with the Statler Brothers song the implied sound track) and I am still at it. It was funny, finding entertainment while quarantined. Over time,…

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My family escaped from the epicenter of the pandemic in mid June. We live in southern Connecticut and my husband and both my girls work in NYC. Once they were no longer allowed to work from their New York offices, the four of us and our three dogs…

It's a pictue of the local Little Free Library operating one block away from my apartment. The author of this note was more prepared than the entire federal government.

Today is one of the warmest days we have had in quite sometime, so I decided to take my office outside for the morning.

One of many illustrations made by the artist, Jessica Esch, to encourage people to stay home, wear masks, and express gratitude and support.

I have an electric car. I try to limit going out to 1-2n days a week. The other day I noticed that a spider had made a web on my charger.

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