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I have an electric car. I try to limit going out to 1-2n days a week. The other day I noticed that a spider had made a web on my charger.

June of 2020, a quarantine journal (e-book edition).pdf
This past June, for the first time in my life, I began keeping a daily journal—composed in formally identical declarative sentences—as a record, not only the events of the world that were on and affecting my mind, but also my domestic observations of…

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My family escaped from the epicenter of the pandemic in mid June. We live in southern Connecticut and my husband and both my girls work in NYC. Once they were no longer allowed to work from their New York offices, the four of us and our three dogs…

A Year Apart.docx
On January 29, 2020 I opened a new word doc and began writing. Two months later, in March, I began to self-isolate and to journal extensively about my experience. On January 29, 2021 I looked back at the first entry I'd written and marveled at how…
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