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Information for patrons in Portuguese on PPL's web site.pdf
This screenshot, captured on January 21, 2022, shows some of the information that is being made available to patrons who speak languages other than English. This page provides COVID-19 information in Portuguese.

Portland Room home page at the start of 2022.pdf
Screenshot of a page from the Library's web site showing how the pandemic is impacting Portland Room visitors.

Book truck.wav
It was a quiet day in the library... the book truck sounded loud rumbling over Portland Public's orange carpet.

Join Maine's Poet Laureate Linda Aldrich as she welcomes four current Maine poets: Stuart Kestenbaum (Maine State Poet Laureate), Betsy Sholl (former Maine State Poet Laureate), Gretchen Berg, and Colin Cheney who will read their own work and that of…

Virtual programming at PPL.pdf
Library programs move online! This screenshot of a tweet advertises a literary lunch program with author Layne Witherell, in collaboration with Print: a Bookstore. Witherell will discuss his book, Wine Maniacs.

making myself at work
Portland Public Library's Archivist at work, in the library and at home.

Portland Public Library staff at a meeting via Zoom.

PPL to go MAC 1.jpg
Staff at the main branch of the Portland Public Library -- and the Little Water Girl -- get ready to welcome patrons for curbside pickup.

at Riverton.jpg
For almost three months, no library materials circulated. When Portland Public Library announced its curbside service -- PPL To Go -- patrons responded eagerly. Here, a Riverton librarian prints hold slips for materials requested by patrons.

Peaks 2.jpg
Peaks Island branch library patrons on horseback pick up their requested library books!
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