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When my step-mum passed in 2016, she left her Camp on Mooselookmeguntic Lake to myself and my five cousins, along with a fund to cover the property taxes for ten years.

It’s always been a joy to spend a few days (or a week!) there, but it felt…

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Minutes after it was announced that Joe Biden was president-elect, people took to Congress St, Portland Maine, to celebrate and take a deep breath.

I am a street photographer and so I wanted to take as much of this extra time I had suddenly to document the people of Portland and how they were dealing with the pandemic throughout our city.

Virtual programming at PPL.pdf
Library programs move online! This screenshot of a tweet advertises a literary lunch program with author Layne Witherell, in collaboration with Print: a Bookstore. Witherell will discuss his book, Wine Maniacs.

Dad Lab Fridays! Our fourth grader spends Friday's at work with her dad in his wood working shop where they make all kinds of different things - a headboard, a cat scratching post for her quarantine kitty, a top for her brother's mouse cage.

My husband, Seth Harkness, jumped on the Sourdough craze in March and has nearly perfected the art. He bakes 2-6 loafs of bread a week and we have a few extra to gift to grateful friends.

Covid outdoor birthday party. These little scientists were masked and 6-feet apart (except for this group photo) for a 5th birthday party.

Keys and Masks.jpg
The mask has become such an integral part of COVID life that it merits its own spot on the key holder. It's become one of those everyday items that you can't leave the house without.


making myself at work
Portland Public Library's Archivist at work, in the library and at home.

Portland Public Library staff at a meeting via Zoom.
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