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Virtual programming at PPL.pdf
Library programs move online! This screenshot of a tweet advertises a literary lunch program with author Layne Witherell, in collaboration with Print: a Bookstore. Witherell will discuss his book, Wine Maniacs.

PPL to go MAC 1.jpg
Staff at the main branch of the Portland Public Library -- and the Little Water Girl -- get ready to welcome patrons for curbside pickup.

Peaks 2.jpg
Peaks Island branch library patrons on horseback pick up their requested library books!

Sign in front of Portland Public Library's main branch, detailing the procedures for curbside pick-up of requested library materials.

Screenshot_2020-06-18 To Go Portland Public Library.png
Screenshot of Portland Public Library's PPL To Go webpage, captured June 18,2020. The library, while still closed to the public, began allowing patrons to pick up items they had requested.
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