Longing for Strangers

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Longing for Strangers


Jennifer K., of East Deering, Portland, Maine


April 3, 2020


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The exquisite decadence
Of sitting at a table
Guessing which date number
The young couple across the room is on
The clank of a dropped fork 
The din of twenty conversations

The bracing aroma
Of your favorite coffee shop
The artsy barista and
That lady whose life story
Seemed fascinating based on
Her glasses and the way she held herself
As she read her book

The movies, all buttery popcorn
Collective laughter
Sticky fingers 
Smiles and knowing looks as 
Families exit and 
Children become the heroines and heros

And the annoying person
Who stands in front of the one item
Left on the grocery list
Taking an infinity to decide
Between spinach and arugula
I miss you, too.

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Jennifer K., of East Deering, Portland, Maine , “Longing for Strangers,” Isolating Together : Portland Public Library, accessed December 5, 2020, https://portlandlibrary.omeka.net/items/show/17.