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A closer look at the social distancing sign on Eastern Promenade, Portland.


Intimacy via Technology.png
As someone who tends to be skeptical of technology (I resisted owning a smart phone for many years), I am interested in tracking how technology influences our sense of ourselves and the world. As an educator with the Young Adult Abuse Prevention…

We want to offer for archives this original creation we made early March 2020 with seaglass and pebbles.  It was inspired by the need to establish connections...

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Keys and Masks.jpg
The mask has become such an integral part of COVID life that it merits its own spot on the key holder. It's become one of those everyday items that you can't leave the house without.


Cathleen M..jpg
A sculptural response to the critical shortage of PPE for our frontline providers.

An analog collage made with three pieces from different magazines.

Bridgford family.jpg
From left to right:
Willow B, Freshman, Baxter
Isabella "Bella" B, Senior at Baxter Academy
Peter "Bridge" B, Father & Writer
Celeste B, Mother & Educator

7 thankful thoughts in coronavirus times.doc
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