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I have been reading Shakespeare with Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare 2020 project ( and was inspired to write a pastiche sonnet.

A closer look at the social distancing sign on Eastern Promenade, Portland.


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During quarantine, dog walks had gotten a little more animated in the early afternoons as more kids were out playing in the streets. More neighbors without dogs have been walking the neighborhood and it feels as if every third house has a new…

People wait outside Trader Joe's in Portland.

I'm a Portland photographer, out of work from my non-profit job, making art at home. Made this collage for an online art challenge...

Paper collage:  'After' (about what I'm missing while staying at home)

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Covid outdoor birthday party. These little scientists were masked and 6-feet apart (except for this group photo) for a 5th birthday party.

We want to offer for archives this original creation we made early March 2020 with seaglass and pebbles.  It was inspired by the need to establish connections...

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