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I have an electric car. I try to limit going out to 1-2n days a week. The other day I noticed that a spider had made a web on my charger.

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Tweets inspired by the events of the past month.

The last member of the older generation of my family was Aunt Sophie, who died in 2011. I wanted to pay tribute to them, and to her, by creating a piece of art. This came together during COVID as I had the time to work on it. The back panel is a…


What the pandemic experience has been teaching me.
This essay is more of an observation and less of a complaint about the human condition and how fragile and interdependent we humans ultimately are.

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Abbott K, age 8, student
Scott K, Artist (he painted Moby Dick hanging in the PPL Atrium)
Gail K, School Occupational Therapist

This photograph and caption was submitted via email to a Portland Public Library staff member.

This image is part of a collection documenting the Covid-19 pandemic and the sense of unsettle ground that came from it.

My husband, Seth Harkness, jumped on the Sourdough craze in March and has nearly perfected the art. He bakes 2-6 loafs of bread a week and we have a few extra to gift to grateful friends.

My source of strength is my nightly walk near the Auburn Lewiston Airport. 

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