Greater Portland is a vibrant region, filled with creative and adventurous individuals. As a community, we are integral to one another, and the Library is integral to our community.

Throughout the covid pandemic era, beginning in Spring 2020, Portland Public Library has offered this site to invite contributed present-day images, words, and various media from Portland-area residents. The contemporary archive continues as a collecting point that reaches beyond the pandemic.

We invite you to send us your thoughts from your individual point of view describing your lives in this metropolitan area. How do things look, from where you are? We may now be physically distant but we can remain socially connected.

Send your thoughts, poems, letters, diary entries, original artwork, doodles or comics to 
or- use the Contribute An Item tab (above).

We’ll preserve your submissions here, through our library social media, and will preserve them for future archival reference.
Archives provide future generations a richer view of history, first-person documentation of our times and lives. This is an opportunity to document our own histories for future historians and social scientists trying to make sense of it a hundred years from now!

*Very Special Thanks to the Maine State Library, for hosting and funding this Omeka page

Recently Added Items

Armenian Memorial, Bayside

Armenian Memorial.JPG

Views of the memorial to the Armenian people of Portland, at the corner of Cumberland Avenue and Franklin Arterial, which reads: "This memorial is…

Wabanaki satchel

Wabanaki satchel.JPG

Traditional satchel made by Twofeathers, from Portland, and of the Wabanaki confederation- which comprises the Maliseet, Micmac, Penobscot, and…

L'Africana Market, 2024


Exterior view of L'Africana Market, 570 Brighton Avenue (Rosemont Corner), Portland. The health food market specializing in imported grocery items was…