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Polcari's coffee bag.jpg
A friend of mine was leading a discussion group. "What, from your everyday life, would you like someone in the future to know about?" This is my answer. At some point during the dark and isolating days of the pandemic, another friend went down to…

Portland Stands with Ukraine.jpg
My friend Victoria Kostadinova created this flag. She and others have been flying Ukrainian flags above the Mount Joy Orchard on Munjoy Hill at sunrise and sunset. I spotted her flying it early on March 1 after I dropped my son off at the East End…

Making Coffee, part 2.wav
Part 2 of my recording of the simple act of making coffee. In this installment, you can hear the water boiling in the copper kettle on the electric range. Listen to the way the sounds change as the water gets hotter, and then falls off. I make coffee…

Making Coffee, part 1.wav
When the pandemic forced so many places to close in March and April of 2020 and many of us were sent to work from home, I found myself listening more carefully to what was going on around me. Without the clatter and din of the workplace, I tuned in…

Information for patrons in Portuguese on PPL's web site.pdf
This screenshot, captured on January 21, 2022, shows some of the information that is being made available to patrons who speak languages other than English. This page provides COVID-19 information in Portuguese.

Portland Room home page at the start of 2022.pdf
Screenshot of a page from the Library's web site showing how the pandemic is impacting Portland Room visitors.

Book truck.wav
It was a quiet day in the library... the book truck sounded loud rumbling over Portland Public's orange carpet. Voices By reopening to the public.pdf
A Portland Public Library staff member reflects on what it means to have patrons back in the building after a year of pandemic closure.

3D model settlers cabin.jpg
A screenshot where I sent a link for a 3D model I made on my iPad of the “Settler’s Cabin” at the Maine Forest & Logging Museum and a distanced birthday wish.

Social distancing on Portland Trails_small.jpg
A laminated sheet on how to social distance on Portland Trails is stapled to the Riverton Rail Trail information sign, which is at the start of the Riverton Rail Trail.
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