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making myself at work
Portland Public Library's Archivist at work, in the library and at home.

Portland Public Library staff at a meeting via Zoom.

The last member of the older generation of my family was Aunt Sophie, who died in 2011. I wanted to pay tribute to them, and to her, by creating a piece of art. This came together during COVID as I had the time to work on it. The back panel is a…


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During quarantine, dog walks had gotten a little more animated in the early afternoons as more kids were out playing in the streets. More neighbors without dogs have been walking the neighborhood and it feels as if every third house has a new…

My source of strength is my nightly walk near the Auburn Lewiston Airport. 

My friend Joe and I returned from a day of hiking on Cliff Island. This disassembled mannequin was staged at Casco Bay Lines when we got off the ferry. I HAD to have a photo of it.

Early in the pandemic, staying home nearly 24/7, I started taking pictures of shadows on the wall (with the Statler Brothers song the implied sound track) and I am still at it. It was funny, finding entertainment while quarantined. Over time,…

An analog collage made with three pieces from different magazines.

HANNAH B 20200729.jpg
My family escaped from the epicenter of the pandemic in mid June. We live in southern Connecticut and my husband and both my girls work in NYC. Once they were no longer allowed to work from their New York offices, the four of us and our three dogs…

This image is part of a collection documenting the Covid-19 pandemic and the sense of unsettle ground that came from it.
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