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Book truck.wav
It was a quiet day in the library... the book truck sounded loud rumbling over Portland Public's orange carpet.

Marquee on the State Theatre, using the motto of the City of Portland, "Resurgam."

The marquee message was created by Kevin Norsworthy, Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator at The State Theatre in Portland.

2020_26_JUN-Abraham-S_sending words.JPG
sending words

making myself at work
Portland Public Library's Archivist at work, in the library and at home.

Abraham S..jpg
The creator of this image has been writing letters, by hand and with the pictured typewriter, to friends throughout this time of isolation. A recipient sent him an amaryllis plant.

Adam K..jpg
Thoughts from a professor who is no longer commuting to work on a campus.

It's a pictue of the local Little Free Library operating one block away from my apartment. The author of this note was more prepared than the entire federal government.

People wait outside Trader Joe's in Portland.
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