Before Now and After

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Before Now and After


Lisa M., of Portland, Maine


April 13, 2020


COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020-


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Before Now and After

Before, we were kind to each other.
Now, we worry about each other.
After, will we still care for each other?

Before, we nodded in passing.
Now, we wave and mumble behind masks.
After, will we guard against any contact?

Before, we held the door open for the person behind us.
Now, it's each person to their self.
After, will we be polite again?

Before, people kept a friendly distance.
Now, we are "social" distancing.
After, will we be on our own?

Before, smiles, tears, grins, nods.
Now, masks, raised brows, blinking eyes, nods.
After, a friendly wave, kindness, a warm gesture, smiling nods.

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Lisa M., of Portland, Maine, “Before Now and After,” Isolating Together : Portland Public Library, accessed June 23, 2021,