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Attached you'll find two photo images I took:  an item purchased during COVID-19.....  sporks!  and what was eaten with them:  pho.....  I make different ones all winter.  Yum......  or at least my friends tell me so.

When my step-mum passed in 2016, she left her Camp on Mooselookmeguntic Lake to myself and my five cousins, along with a fund to cover the property taxes for ten years.

It’s always been a joy to spend a few days (or a week!) there, but it felt…

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Daisy (L) and Rosie (R) were excited when my employer shipped everyone keyboards and monitors to improve our Work From Home experience!

Juneteenth! A virtual showcase of local black artists pre-recorded live at the empty State Theatre
An all Black artist showcase - produced and curated by Janaesound. Raised 10k for Portland based non profits, Indigo Arts Alliance and Black Owned Maine. Performances by Janaesound, Ali Ali, B-Aull, Kaia Mac, Rodney Mashia

Early in the pandemic, staying home nearly 24/7, I started taking pictures of shadows on the wall (with the Statler Brothers song the implied sound track) and I am still at it. It was funny, finding entertainment while quarantined. Over time,…

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I have been reading Shakespeare with Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare 2020 project ( and was inspired to write a pastiche sonnet.

Another sonnet inspired by reading Shakespeare with Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare 2020 project (

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The writer of this poem is a high school teacher.

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Peaks Island branch library patrons on horseback pick up their requested library books!
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