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Another sonnet inspired by reading Shakespeare with Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare 2020 project (

Social distancing on Portland Trails_small.jpg
A laminated sheet on how to social distance on Portland Trails is stapled to the Riverton Rail Trail information sign, which is at the start of the Riverton Rail Trail.

coro Art chloroxxx.jpg
I was reacting to my wife's observations at Hannaford's, along with what we were reading/hearing in the news, locally and nationally.

7 thankful thoughts in coronavirus times.doc

2020_26_JUN-Abraham-S_sending words.JPG
sending words

Rita D. Moore.jpg
Rita D. Moore (born 1939) formerly of Limestone, Maine, now Gulfport, Florida is one of the first few to receive the first shot of the Covid vaccine at Baycare in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Marquee on the State Theatre, using the motto of the City of Portland, "Resurgam."

The marquee message was created by Kevin Norsworthy, Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator at The State Theatre in Portland.

Quarantine kitten, BlackBerry, came into our lives on Juneteenth. Baby has a long and beautiful life to live.

I am a street photographer and so I wanted to take as much of this extra time I had suddenly to document the people of Portland and how they were dealing with the pandemic throughout our city.
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