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I'm a Portland photographer, out of work from my non-profit job, making art at home. Made this collage for an online art challenge...

Paper collage:  'After' (about what I'm missing while staying at home)

One of many illustrations made by the artist, Jessica Esch, to encourage people to stay home, wear masks, and express gratitude and support.

Adam K..jpg
Thoughts from a professor who is no longer commuting to work on a campus.

Abraham S..jpg
The creator of this image has been writing letters, by hand and with the pictured typewriter, to friends throughout this time of isolation. A recipient sent him an amaryllis plant.

Cathleen M..jpg
A sculptural response to the critical shortage of PPE for our frontline providers.

Karen C..jpg
Tweets inspired by the events of the past month.

Jeff L..jpg
I have been reading Shakespeare with Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare 2020 project ( and was inspired to write a pastiche sonnet.

Susan S..jpg
This came as I found myself caught up in the world’s constantly growing numbers of covid19 cases back when they seemed horrible, but were really slight compared to today. Even as I looked with strange fascination, I kept reminding myself that these…
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