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On January 29, 2020 I opened a new word doc and began writing. Two months later, in March, I began to self-isolate and to journal extensively about my experience. On January 29, 2021 I looked back at the first entry I'd written and marveled at how…

I was watching the inauguration on the computer and was so moved by the events that I pulled out my camera to capture the moment of Joe Biden being sworn in. Alas, I wasn't quick enough and instead captured the hug he gave Jill, after the moment,…

Josephine 3.jpg
In the midst of a pandemic, we adopted our little "Josephine" (or "Josie")

He's my roommate and constant source of amusement and comfort. I hope he feels the same toward me. Perhaps he keeps me around mostly to feed him and to attend to his personal needs. As they say "dogs have owners..... cats have staff."


Here’s a picture of Norma, our little dog, who keeps bringing joy and laughter to our family.


The cats who are joining me on this journey: Boots (lower corner) and Lorelei (cat tree).

My cat, Milani, loved rolling in and sleeping on the catnip I grew for her in a container on my patio. I’d doze in my hammock while she dozed in her favorite spot on a bed of catnip.


Daisy (L) and Rosie (R) were excited when my employer shipped everyone keyboards and monitors to improve our Work From Home experience!

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Rita D. Moore (born 1939) formerly of Limestone, Maine, now Gulfport, Florida is one of the first few to receive the first shot of the Covid vaccine at Baycare in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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