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This image is part of a collection documenting the Covid-19 pandemic and the sense of unsettle ground that came from it.

Kelley family Apr 2020.jpg
Abbott K, age 8, student
Scott K, Artist (he painted Moby Dick hanging in the PPL Atrium)
Gail K, School Occupational Therapist

This photograph and caption was submitted via email to a Portland Public Library staff member.

Abbott K, age 8, distance learning from his home in April 2020

I have an electric car. I try to limit going out to 1-2n days a week. The other day I noticed that a spider had made a web on my charger.

Bridgford family.jpg
From left to right:
Willow B, Freshman, Baxter
Isabella "Bella" B, Senior at Baxter Academy
Peter "Bridge" B, Father & Writer
Celeste B, Mother & Educator

It's a pictue of the local Little Free Library operating one block away from my apartment. The author of this note was more prepared than the entire federal government.

i’m in love with a man.pdf
This is a poem I wrote to describe how I currently feel about my relationship. Lately I have been struggling with what love is and if I have ever actually experienced it. I know that I am worthy of love, and other people's choices don't reflect who…

Intimacy via Technology.png
As someone who tends to be skeptical of technology (I resisted owning a smart phone for many years), I am interested in tracking how technology influences our sense of ourselves and the world. As an educator with the Young Adult Abuse Prevention…

PPL to go MAC 1.jpg
Staff at the main branch of the Portland Public Library -- and the Little Water Girl -- get ready to welcome patrons for curbside pickup.

Quarantine kitten, BlackBerry, came into our lives on Juneteenth. Baby has a long and beautiful life to live.
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